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that toyota is fined by the federal government of $16.4 billion for not notifying them, and that is the largest fine ever. so we are seeing a dip, but there are recovery in shares of toyota, but nonetheless, that is a significant story, and again, wrapping up the headline, the dow jones industrial average inching so closely to dow 11,000, a place it has not been since september of 2008. however, it with elusive on this day, maria. >> thank you, scott. a big day for energy. oil prices surging past $86 a barrel, and heavy volume as well, and here is sharon epperson at the nymex with that story and this is another one that won't quit, sharon. >> right. since october of 2008 have we seen prices at these levels. when you look at oil prices over the last week and month, you will see how we broke out of the recent range and decidedly so and where are the oil prices headed? well, almost every analyst says little technical resistance to where we are to $90 a barrel. you add to that the fact of positive economic data on jobs and pending home sales today and service sector and man
examining more than 70,000 documents to discover whether toyota has any other safety violations. on monday toyota was fined a record $16.4 million to waiting four months before disclosing a pedal flaw. >> i think toyota was safety deaf, i think they have a very bad business model. i told that directly to mr. t toyoda when he came to my office in washington, d.c. they know they have some serious, serious issuings, not the least of which is violating safety laws that they need to account for. >> and a federal districtius that the red wax seal coating is a well-known and valid trade market. it prohibits diageo from using a similar mark on its tequila bottles. >>> rescuers are trying to find four men. massey stock today very heavily traded. hampton pearson brings us the latest on the rescues. >> particularly the high number of violations at the mine where the latest tragedy has occurred. last year federal inspectors found more than 450 violations and fined them in excess of $382,000, related to problems regarding the ventilation and equipment plan. this afternoon, the ceo offered a partial exp
and controlling costs. >> last month was a big month and a lot of the incentives came at the market and toyota leading the market with incentives and old gm would have thrown money at the market to catch up with anyone else, and this gm is showing more discipline and you will see it in the discipline results. >> ipo this year is a strong possibility, but before that, the analysts want to see if the gm rebound can last. >> these are positive signs, but they are not out of the woods yet. we have a ways to go, and i don't think they will be able to go public on the time frame any time soon. >> for gm workers in kansas city, there is optimism building with every malibu that rolls off of the line. >> well, it was great news for general motors and fairfax here, and good news to get the money we needed to pay the government back. >> we are excited about it. you know, that means job security. >> how much job security? well, gm is now running three shifts at this plant. they will add another 900 jobs which is a commitment to sink more money into the plant they announced today, maria, general motors is
,000 digital books and 3 million applications to the ipad during that span. >>> toyota forming a quick response complaint team if drivers experience unintended acceleration. the quick analysis response team or s.m.a.r.t. will analyze any complaint within 24 hours. >>> david menlo,is joining us on the phone. are you with us, david? >> i am with you. about this particular offering, it is obviously going to be a institutional sweetheart on the surface just by the name itself, but this is something where you have to peel back the first few layers of the artichoke to really see the huge debt load underneath. >> it is interesting that they will be coming to market with a huge offering now. does that tell you anything about their expectations for the market or for reception? they have to believe that they are going to be received well if they come out with a $4.5 billion deal? >> well, the odds are favoring the investors of this particular offering or any that come out at this point, because the valuations are still extraordinarily low. but obviously, there is a need for cash on the part of this compa
its fourth consecutive quarterly report. ford has been the big winner here from toyota's troubles posting its largest quarterly market share gain since, get a load of this, 1977. >>> well, it is day two of earnings season and both of my next guests here are expecting strong results for the first quarter. but has the market fully priced in a positive outlook? joining me -- joining me to discuss, we have larry adam, chief investment strategist at deutsche bank, private wealth management, which manages more than $260 billion. also, david kovacs, chief investment officer at turner investment partners. turner has more than $20 billion under management. david, what do you think? i'll kick it off with you, your sense of this market right now? >> well, i think that we've had a healthy market, but we're likely to move higher here as long as interest rates, both on the short and long end of the yield curve, stay about where they are. i think that the earnings are likely to be very strong this quarter. we're starting forecast on the s&p 500 at about $80 of s&p earnings. i think by the time w
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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